Who do we Trust?

I recently had coffee with a great Pastor friend of mine (Max) and we had a great visit…..   He prayed for my upcoming surgery that my anxiety would go away and be covered by God’s presence…  (Please keep praying for that – I am writing this as 3:43 in the morningJ).   But during our conversation we got on the topic of “Who are we supposed to Trust?”
Well the right answer is we are to Trust the lord our God with all our Heart:              Proverbs 3:5-6 – (NIV) –Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,    and he will make your paths straight.
This is a great passage and it is the one we should be taking – but how many times do we put our trust in someone else.   A great friend – our Pastor – our Spouse – our children – our leaders and the people who surround us.  The big question is:     Should we put our trust in the people that surround our daily walk?
I have had to really ponder on this after my talk with Max – because we had talked about that we should not….   But what does that mean.    When we put our Trust in the people around us – we then put these expectations on them that they have not asked for.   Is this fair?   Will they fail?   When we put trust and expectations on someone – most likely they are not going to meet what I have set them up for – and that is not fair to them.
So there has to be some type of balance and that is why I am up writing this so early in the morning.   We as people naturally put trust in the ones that surround us and that is not a bad thing – they have earned it.   What we need to be careful about is putting expectations on that trust – and when we do that our response has to be one of Radical Truth and Grace when they do not meet it.    The Truth is that they did not ask for what we have expected out of them and if they do not meet those expectations – we need to Love them even more…   It was not their fault but ours.
So Remember –  we should be putting our trust in Jesus Christ our Lord and he will guide our paths straight.   Always be obedient in the direction he is taking you….