When is it time to go HOME?

      I have been asking that question for my Dad on my Prayer walks for a while now – My Dad has Alzheimer and the disease is taking over more rapidly lately.  This is a terrible disease and the quality of life for my dad is not very good at the present time.   I have been blessed in the aspect that my Dad still knows me when I visit, but if you asked him what he had for lunch 10 minutes after he has eaten – He will tell you he has not had lunch.
     I have felt guilty at times when my Prayer is “Father can you take my dad home Now – TODAY – Please make the next call I get is to tell me has went home”.   I tell God that my father has had a great life and it is time.   I know that God can do this but I also know that He has purpose and reasoning as to why my Dad is still here.  There are days that I really have to question it, but I know that I have to trust in the Lord and he will work all things to bring out His Glory. 
          I will probably keep asking the same question when I do my Prayer Walks in the future “When is it time to go Home?”   For my Dad I hope it is soon. 
          Someone shared a testimony from Wynonna on Facebook and she sang the song “I can only imagine” and it really brought me home to the fact that my dad has to be singing this song also.     Please enjoy listening to either:
Wynonna    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlv62wB4VNs    or the original from
Mercy Me:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_lrrq_opng
          You know someday we will get to go Home and it will be this wonderful place with no pain or disease and a new body.   We will be praising our Lord and I cannot even imagine how glorious it will be.  But for today I know that God is using my Dad to help others get to go Home with him. 

So my question is:   “When is it time to go Home?”