This is an area that I really struggle with – I do not like how our country has taken the word and input it into how we should live.  I do believe that there is a place for tolerance, but it should not take away our rights to express what we believe in. 
          I googled the meaning of tolerance and this is the first definition that came up:        

Noun:  tolerance – 1. The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

“The tolerance of corruption”   –   (synonyms: acceptance, toleration; open-mindedness, broad-mindedness, forbearance, liberality, liberalism; patience, charity, indulgence, understanding “an attitude of tolerance toward other people”)

      OK – I like most of this, except it does not explain that we can also express our disagreement with someone else’s behavior or opinion.  The definition is right on the aspect that it will require an ability and willingness on my part to be Tolerant.
Then I read an article yesterday and a portion of it dealt with Tolerance – I only copied the portions that dealt with this topic.

Letter to the Editor by (Calvin Oliverius).

Here are just a few parts of his Article…  You can read the rest on the Wyoming Tribune/Eagle Web Site.
         ** God knows and clearly communicates that his love does not tolerate sin. In fact, His intolerance is very loving, just like Mother Theresa’s intolerance of poverty or Martin Luther King’s intolerance of racism.
          The religion of tolerance not only puts you in a predicament, but what about the police officer who is caught in the crossfire? Several have already been killed. How do they tolerate lawlessness and yet maintain law and order? How do we deal with the rebellion and offense that is at the root of the present cultural definition of tolerance?
     **Often our offense at people who don’t agree with us is also removed if we let the Holy Spirit direct us. There is hope for America, but it is found in individually and collectively walking toward God and his righteousness, rather than away from him.
          Calvin has done a great job in explaining how my actions as a Christian should be.  It is through the working of the Holy Spirit within me that will enable me to be Tolerant and Loving at the same time.  I should always be walking towards Jesus and then be under His guidance with the people I disagree with.   This WORKS and I am getting better on how I deal with the people I disagree with, but as for the people who know me:  they know it has taken me a while to get there and Jesus has to do allot of molding of me before I get to where I need to be.  

So how are you dealing with Tolerance?

Are you seeking the Wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit?

Are you Walking towards Jesus?