What's Around US

I have one of those Head things going again – there is allot of stuff bouncing around up there, pushing all my hair out.   God has me focusing on what is around me and what can I do about it…  as my friend Nick would say – We need to be doing GOOD.  There was also a cartoon on Sunday and it took this person until end of January to figure out what his New Year’s resolution was – Doing Good, not being Good.
So some of that stuff that has been bouncing around my head – looks like this.

  1.  My Wife:  Work has been consuming for both of us – but it is great that we are able to look to the future and plan on vacations – retirement – ministries – friends.
  2. My work place:  I have been struggling with my work partner and God has been prompting me to go forward with Grace….. My Head says that he does not deserve it – and I have convinced myself that I need to be right…  Well Grace won and work is going allot better now because of my Obedience.  Man that was hard – but much more beneficial.
  3. I have been really busy getting ready for the GMM Conference – but I had to pause and look around at what God is doing through everyone.  WOW
    1.  Vicki at the Civic Center put together a brief description of our Event that is posted on their Web Site…  Awesome – if you have not seen it – you need to look.
    2. Prayer.  Pastor Grant started the Fervent prayer group up again….  Prayer is a must for the event and is crucial if it is to be successful.
    3. The GMM Team…   It is great to see the work God is doing through all of them…  Jim and I were talking about how great all the different parts of getting ready were all coming together in some great ways…   Guys – thank you.
  4.  Family:  My dad has Altimerzz and I have really enjoyed our visits lately – telling him that I am grateful for him and that I love him…  and that he is the root of where I am today. *I have to tell him about 10 times each visit – but that is OK.
  5. Church:  Pastor Shawn…  I really enjoy his interpretation of the Bible and its applications have helped in many ways… and his sense of humor keeps a smile on my face.

As you can see – we really need to sit back and see what is going on around us and be thankful…  and then we need to take the next step and start doing Good in these areas that God has placed us.
But remember doing Good requires:          Obedience           Grace                   Searching                Diligence             Watching             Willingness          Heart                    Love                     Shepherd
The list goes on – but we must be observant to what goes around us and be Christ Like.   WWJD
Bobby G.
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