A Job Fix – Molding

Job:   everyone once in a while I believe we need to take a Job Check and see how God is molding us.   In my quiet time I have been reading Job and the word Molding has been coming up allot lately.  As Job – when God Molds us he has a purpose – and sometimes it is a very unpleasant ordeal.
The verses in Chapter 5 versus 17 thru 27 have stood out to me this time reading through it – vs. 17  “Blessed is the man whom God corrects: so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty”. Then finishes with vs. 27 “We have examined this, and it is true.  So hear it and apply it to yourself”.  With the in-between part explaining to not fear – God will protect us and take us through the ordeal with rewards at the end.
Most of us will never have to experience what Job did, but like Job – God will direct us to serve him in greater ways – bigger than anything we could have imagined.   The biggest concern is when we are going through the process – what does that look like.

  1.  Will we rejoice and worship God.
  2. Will it be Woe is Me….
  3. Will we question God as to Why.
  4. Will we take what God has done and do great things with the new you.

God’s work through us can be a mighty event if we allow ourselves to examine the purpose and apply it.  In the end Job was victorious and his rewards were great – but the in-between took Discipline and Obedience.  We must trust in God….
One last reflection:  Job’s Friends….     My wife received a quote that talked about reflecting on old friends and sometimes they are not meant to be in our future..   Hmmmmmm — do you think Job’s friends were still around when God finished his story…   I would hope that our impact on our friends – even if they are not in our future – would have been one to help them get through a Job experience and that God can do mighty works through them also.
So go get your Job fix now…….   Or maybe you’re already in it… – but remember they must see Jesus in you as you finish well.
Bobby G