The Church United

I attended a CAE (Cheyenne Association of Evangelicals) Meeting today and was truly blessed to see visionaries (Tom Perea – thanks) coming from this Group.   They were excited about getting about 20 to 30 churches together and bring in the Covey of Hope – a group that has a passion to feed the world.    It reminded me of the scripture:
Matthew 18:20 – For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
WOW – what would that look like – “The Church” coming together as one to serve the community?   It has been an amazing site to see our local Pastors having a Vision of coming together and being united in one cause.
When the GMM Board came together to come up with a Theme for this year’s GMM men’s Conference   “Activate Your Faith” – one of the main driving factors was finding a project to unit men.     The GMM Board had come up with some ideas (Going Forward Like a Crash of Rhinos –  Living Your Faith – Faith)  but after a great meeting with a couple of Local Pastor =  we came up with our Powerful Theme.
Roger Whitmore and I were having Lunch and discussing a Topic that another Pastor (Velcro) had mentioned to me and it was amazing to see The Power of the Spirit at work.   Velcro had mentioned putting together a service project in the Down Town area to help people out….   Roger had stated – that it would be Great to see men   “Activate Their Faith” – then came the Theme.
So after the Meeting today – there it was — a project that all the Churches in Cheyenne could do to come together and “Activate Their Faith” as “The Church”.
The message would be a Powerful one when people of this area see Faith in Action and get to experience the Power of Churches being united.
So Guys as we go forward – please be praying for this event on August 31st to come together and be successful.
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PS – I still like the theme “Going Forward Like a Crash of Rhinos”  JJ