What type of Bible do you Look Like?

I was having Lunch with a couple of guys yesterday and part of the conversation was about how do we minister to the people around us?  That has been a big question that allot of us do not know how to do – to tell people about Jesus.   We see it as something that is beyond our expertise and that we need to be preaching at them.
I had an the opportunity once at work several years back when a guy came up to me and asked me about Church (he knew I was a Christian or supposed to be one).  My response is one that I regret to this day – I told him to go ask this other guy – he knew more than I did about the Church (it was an elder at my church).  The guy never did and to this day, I am not sure if he ever made it to a church – I blew it….  I did not think I had the knowledge about the Bible or what it took to answer his questions.
Well during our lunch conversation my good friend Pastor Jason K.  Stated a quote that his dad had given him (Jason’s dad was a Pastor also).
“You May be the only Bible that someone sees” – Then it was asked:  “What does that Look Like?”  (The statement may have been a little different – but that was the main meaning of the statement).
**So my question to myself is:  When people look at me – “Do they see Jesus in Me??????”  — And as in my past for this person at work – I may have been the only Bible he would have seen and I really blew it.
Then we discussed what it would look like when we are asked to be the Bible to someone.   You know – it is not that we have to preach to anyone – we just have to be what Jesus said – here a few of them.  (It is Simple – Read Matthew 25)

  •           If someone was Hungry  feed them.
  •           If someone is in need of a Coat give them one.
  •           If someone needs a place to sleep – give them one.

**Then I  had this conversation with my Niece (Stephanie M) and asked her what it looked like.   She had a great answer.

  •   Smile at people.  –  Be Joyful to People – Visit with them…
  •   BE NICE – With this gift they will see Jesus in you……

So as you see – it does not take much to be the only Bible that someone will see – what they must see is Jesus in You!

So my challenge to you is to say this Prayer:  

Jesus here I am, USE ME!

Jesus will give you the words to tell people about him – have faith.

**One of my best compliments this week was from a Postmaster in northwest Wyoming:  She stated that when she talks to me her conversation has to be different because she knows that I am a Christian….  You know what – I have never preached at her – she has actually done more preaching to me and she does not go to church – but what she does see: is Jesus in me and that is all I want.