Is there more to do in the City?

This last weekend the KLove awards were doing their Christian Artist awards and one of the songs that was put together “God of this City by Chris Tomlin” was for a special purpose..   During the awards they had a Video on Detroit MI and it was one of the Cities that needs allot of help… 
     Below is a portion of the lyrics and a connection to listen to the song.
You’re the God of this city – You’re the King of these people – You’re the Lord of this nation You are………………..
You’re the light in this darkness – you’re the hope to the hopeless – you’re the peace to the restless you are……….
There is no one like our God – There is no one like our God………..
Greater things have yet to come – And greater things are still to be done in this city – Greater things have yet to come – And greater things are still to be done in this city……………………
 Chris Tomlin – God Of This City Lyrics | MetroLyrics
     So my question to you is::   Is there more to be done in My, Our, Your City?  I have always believed that one of greatest mission fields is in our Back Yard.   There are souls that need to be told about Jesus just in our Neighborhood or around the block.  We do not have to go oversees to do Mission work – we can look at our city and find plenty of opportunities to be missionaries. 
     When I set back and just identified the people on my block – I really had to question myself about what am I doing:  Do I know who they are and Do I really know them good enough to know if they have a relationship with Jesus.   When I moved into my new Home @ a year ago, I made it my goal to know my neighbors..  I can tell you who is on each side of me – but I cannot tell you whether they go to church or if they know Jesus.    So now I have a Mission……….. – and it is right in front of me.     Our Mission should be anyone who is in front of us that may need to know how to have a relationship with Jesus.  
          So Yes there is more to do in my City and Greater Things are to come – because there is no God Like my God.

 My Challenge to all of you would be:

First of all find out who your Neighbors are.

Then get to know them….

You have a Mission NOW>>>>