What do you do when Life is not perfect?

          I have had one of those weeks that I would like to turn back the clock and start over…   Have you ever had one of those?     I started the week with several of my family members have some major sickness issues and did not know what to do.   Basically the only thing I could do is Pray – and that means I have no control in helping fix the problems.    Then I changed my work hours last week to take care of issues that needed to be taken care of.   You know when you make changes at your work place – not everyone likes it.   They could have at least just kept quiet instead of telling me about it.  
          But that is how life goes sometimes…    the Job factor…   but not so intense.
           Then this last weekend came – there was a joyous time of seeing my grandkids – my granddaughter is turning 10.  The same age as me – well I tell her at least our last number matches.    Then my wife wanted to finish the weekend and go see 3rd day at Red Rocks for our 40th anniversary.   Yes there is someone who can put up with me that long.   I do not do well with driving in extremely large traffic jams and then to navigate through an extremely large crowd… and what about the bathroom break!!   If I had my choice we would have went to a secluded spot and listened to 3rd Day on the way there.
     Worship      As you can see – I really wanted to turn the clock back, well not really.  I made it through it all and do you know what it is like to worship with 9,500 other christians – AWESOME – Especially with the one who has been by your side for 40 years and at Red Rocks?   God has truly blessed me.
           You know we are going to have weeks like this and the thing that matters, is how do we finish them.   You know Job had to go through the extreme when problems came his way, but in the end he pleased God and was blessed in many ways.  
       We have to do the same and make it through those tough weeks and finish well.    In the end the most important thing I have to do is stay focused on Jesus and he will get me through all of this… and he did.

 So looking back at all of this – my question to you is?

What do you do to make it through those tough weeks – the ones you would like to turn the clock back and start over?

Is your focus on Jesus and Prayer?

The most important thing that we can do is please Him and we will be blessed.