What are you taking to Heaven with You?

Another one of my favorite blogs. My Dad is my foundation of my Christian faith and walk. He raised me in a Christian home and was a great example for me to follow. When he passed away – my Uncle Andy told us how he started his Christian journey (it was after the death of my 10 day sister). In his last years who got the awful disease of Alzheimer’s and was challenging at times, but we also had some fun times. Below is one of them…. 

     I would like to share a recent story with you about an incident my Dad did,   but I have to let you know he has Altimerzzz (Alzheimer’s).   He knows me when I come to visit, so I am good with where he is at…   I have always told him that he is the Founder of GMM because Mom and he had me, but he still does not know what GMM is… (But all is good).
           Well recently, he loaded his Car with stuff to go see his Mom – his Mom is in Heaven.   My sister questioned, what he meant by that and he stated – “You know what I mean.”     Well we thought it was his time – we have heard of people who get close to going home (Heaven) that they know when it is time.   Well he did not go home – but we believe it is close.
          I have a good time with my Dad – he really made me laugh when we finally found what he had put in the Car.   When I arrived at my Dad’s home that afternoon and we knew that he was OK – my brother seemed to be missing some items so I asked him if he checked out the car.
          Well here are the items my Dad was taking to Heaven.

  1.  Pajamas
  2. Shoes
  3. Empty Medicine Holder
  4. T. V. Remote
  5. My Brothers Bills – not sure why he grabbed these but not a bad place to take them.
  6. Bath Room Scale
  7. Blood sugar Tester
  8. Razor
  9. And the Dog (Precious) – now if you knew the Dog – this was a good thing…  he did roll down the window for the Dog.

     What an assortment of items to take to Heaven…   just to let you know, his car has not been started for several years and it has a flat tire…. So no chance in him driving it.    We questioned him about the items – but he just smiled… and so did we.       My Dad raised us in a Christian family – so with this Disease I enjoy seeing that he still knows where he is going when he dies.  
          So it made me think – Do I have the Assurance that my Dad has about where I am going when I die…   and what will I take with me.   I believe I am going to Heaven – but what really scares me is that someday I will be packing a car with some stuff to take to heaven with me.

 So do you have that Assurance of your Salvation??

We do not know what life is going to bring and like my Dad you may have a Disease someday that will take your memory.

So today – make sure you know which direction you are going when you die.