The Uniqueness of it all.

       I had the pleasure of moving my youngest Son back to Spearfish this weekend, he has been living with us for a little while.   Not that I wanted him to go – but it is a great feeling to watch your Son’s go forth in life on new Adventure’s.  He will do great and we were blessed to have him come to help us through a tough time. 
                 My friend Jim S. helped with the move – he had the pickup to carry all the stuff, but we had a great talk driving up there and back.   On our way back we went through the Black Hills, across parts of Nebraska and back into Wyoming.  We had this conversation about the uniqueness of the terrain and why did God make it this way.   He must have had a reason… from the great mountain scenes to the rolling prairies in Nebraska and then back into Wyoming by Lusk.   Well we finally came up with and Answer:   We really do not know why God made the different terrains the way He did – but He had a reason…. 
           Then our conversation went to the uniqueness of all the people that God has put around us and it reminded us of our upcoming theme “True Identity”.   Our Speaker – Erwin McManus – will be talking about how God has made us Unique, but the conversation was:   “How do we deal with all the different personalities of people that God has put in our lives?”   When you look at the people that surround you – they are all unique in their own way – some we like and others…. well we adjust.
         I have the pleasure of working with a large group of guys in my ministry that are all different.  What I really enjoy is seeing what God has put together as a Team and seeing all the those different parts coming together as one.   God has given us all different Gifts and a Soul that are unique…    So my biggest question to myself was —   “How am I dealing with those people around me that I need to adjust too?”     It took a while – but it is really easy – I have to look at their Uniqueness and know this is God working through them.  Then I can smile and know that God is at work with all of those people that he has put in my life, even that ones that I have to adjust to.     I do have to remember  that this includes my family – church – work – ministry and those he puts right in front of me – they are all God’s Creation.

 So my question to you is:   How do you deal with those people that God has put in your life – that require you to adjust?

Do you look at them as one of God’s greatest Gifts to you?

He has made us all unique for a reason – so enjoy those people God has put in your life.