The Tyranny of a Small Word (blog from Mike P.) 

​​”But we know where he’s from.” ​Some of the people dismissed Jesus out of hand because they knew where he had been raised.​ ​”He is from Nazareth,​”​ they reasoned​… “​he can’t possibly be the Messiah: the one to follow.“​ How often do we do the same thing, keeping Jesus at a distance with simple nonsensical objections that almost always begin with “​but​”​?​

​”I’d love to follow Jesus, but…. ​”
​      ​ ​”I really need healing, but….​”
​      ​ ​​      ​ ​​”I want my life to ​c​hange, but….​”
​Whatever our struggles, whatever our failings​: habitual sins​,​ disordered attractions, addictions ​of one kind or another — Christ​’s​ love and mercy is far greater​!
He spends his eternity to overcome the strange time-bound​ tyranny of a very small word : but….

Our brother Mike P. shared this thoughtful adaption from ​the 2017 Magnificat Lenten Companion, which refers to John 7.​​​