The Moses encounters!

        Have you ever had one of those tough weeks when you are looking at the future and as you look into the future all you see is a tough path to go down.  I was having a hard time coming up with a topic for my blog this week – so I opened up one of the Our Daily Bread books and there on the first page was my topic…

“The Best is yet to come!”

    It talked about the story of Moses and when you look back on his life you know he was asking himself “Is there more to life – Does it get better?”  But as we know the rest of the Story – he did great things. 
          When I look at Moses story, I began looking at what God is doing in mine:  Does he talk to me as he did Moses? – Does he direct me as he did Moses? – Does he give me the strength as he did Moses? – Does he give me the Words as he did Moses?    Well the answer is Yes…  
          When I look at my last week I can see the times when God was doing His Moses encounters with me.

  1. The driver from the Dealership that picked me up to take me to get our car that was fixed was one of them.   When I got in the car he had the radio really low but I could hear what was playing… “Old Time Christian Music”.  We ended up having a great talk and he goes to a church of one of my favorite pastors (Pastor Guy L.)  *This was a moment I needed a smile…
  2. My 2am guys have been there at the right times this week to lift me up and take me forward.  God had given them the right words to speak to me that I needed to hear.

So as I pay attention to those moments when God is working in my life – I can see the Moses encounters that He has put there for me – they are really special.
 The verse in the Our Daily Bread was:  Deuteronomy 33:27 > The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath you are the everlasting arms; (this was just the first part of the verse). 
          We must always remember that Christ is our refuge and He will be there to make our lives even Better.

So do you see the Moses encounters in your life?

Do you know “The Best is yet to come”?

Is Christ your refuge and are His arms holding you up?

PS:  The prayer at the bottom of Our Daily Bread:   O Lord my God, I praise You for all You have done in the past.  I look forward with thankfulness for all You will do in the future.  And I thank you for today and all Your blessings.    AMEN