My Father!

     It was father’s day yesterday and I was reminded about my father on how he raised me.   My Dad raised me up as a Christian all my life – the scripture in this verse meant allot and was passed onto me from my Dad…  It helped me in raising my 3 sons>    Proverbs 22:7 > Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
My Dad always made sure we made it to Church and he was took on a major role in helping in the Church.   His example showed me the importance of being active in our faith and when I became older I started expanding on what he taught me…  
This quote below would be my home when I was growing up…  I was that ten year old boy at times – especially when I became a teenager…    But people were able to see Jesus in my Dad despite how his son was acting – I was not the perfect Son growing up.   

 **A wise person truly said, “It ought to be as impossible to forget that there is a Christian in the house as it is to forget that there is a ten-year-old boy in it.” ~ Roger J. Squire 

          As I have become seasoned – I have been able to tell my Dad that because of him I am able to be where I am today.   I told him that when GMM became a thought in my brain – it started because of him…   He was my rock..
          My Dad has Altimerz (My description of Alzheimer’s) now and we have some good moments and some bad.   The major thing that I smile about is that he knows who I am when I walk in – that is such a blessing.  We have some great conversations now that go down many paths and I just enjoy taking it wherever he wants the conversation to go.   I take every moment I can to cherish the time I have with him now and make an effort to give him a hug and say I love him when I leave… (This makes him extremely uncomfortable – but I smile).
          Yesterday a good friend of mine (Choe H.) posted a note on his Facebook page that reminded me that we have a Heavenly Father that makes this all possible when we follow him.   Thank you Choe.

  “I’ve given a tribute to my fathers on earth. I’ve expressed my gratitude for being allowed to be an earthly father now, the greatest of all! Thank you father God for being the perfect father, showing me who you made me to be! I fail constantly and you still love me……I am blessed everyday by your love!”  Choe Hayes

 Choe also shared this song about our Heavenly Father from Chris Tomlin:

 **Good Good Father:  ENJOY


 No challenges today – but just sit back and Praise your Heavenly Father and then thank God for your earthly Father and if you are a Father —Just be Blessed.