Do you believe God is on the Move?

        I listened to the song “God is on the Move” and I ask myself:  Do I see God on the Move?   When I look around me what do I see?  Can I identify the work  God is doing around me?   These are Big Questions that we should all be asking ourselves.
          Then I looked and I could see God Moving in Cheyenne – here are a couple of areas that God is moving in a Mighty Way.

  1.  Pastor Jay M. of the Vineyard Church started a prayer mission to have churches praying for Cheyenne every day of the month and eventually every hour of the day.    If your church or ministry has not signed up for a day they need to soon.
  2. The Franklin Graham Decision America 2016 tour coming to Cheyenne.  This tour is hitting every state in the United States and bringing a great message of Praying for our country, vote and get involved.   If you have not signed up to help or have not set aside the time to attend – you need too.
  3. I was contacted by the Producer of the Movie of “Voiceless” and he would like to bring the movie too Cheyenne.   It is a powerful movie on saving the lives of the unborn….   Check it out and sign up:
  4. When I look at my personal life – I see God on the move in my Relationships and giving me the 3 R’s….

    So I looked at the World around me and I am excited to see God Moving in some great areas and His timing is just right – but we know His timing is always at the right time when he moves.  The list above could go on – but I wanted to show some areas that everyone can see that God is on the Move and you can join Him.
If you have not listen to the song “God is on the Move” – please check it out and Listen to the Lyrics:   You will be moved – so enjoy…

So is God on the Move in your Life?

Can you see God Moving around You?

Have you joined God in what he is doing?


I share this picture with you because this is another area God is on the Move and it is exciting to see Him moving in Pastor Ron’s life here in Cheyenne and then on the road. Deep water Ministries 1