The Manger….

       I have been looking at what does the Manger mean to me…..?????   Pastor Shaun started off a Christmas series this last Sunday at church and did a great job on explaining who Jesus really is and it helped me think about the Manger.
          This was one of the Miracles that is celebrated every year and at times it can be overshadowed by all of the busy events of the season and the real reason is forgotten.   It has taken me a while to start enjoying Christmas again because of the distractions that take us away from the real reason of Christmas, but retiring from the Post Office has really helped this year…..   Go Figure… and my Wife and Grandkids help allot also.
          I have been blessed with a great attitude of Christmas this year and decorated the outside of my home but  I would still like to find a Manager to put out front…. (If anyone can help please let me know). 
           To me the Manger has a meaning:   That is when God became Man just as I am and he dwelt among us.   At this time Jesus went through everything that I have to go through everyday and he showed me how I can LIVE.   manger
 This is one of my favorite songs about the Birth of Christ is > Enjoy and please listen to the words – just click on the button:

“Mary did you know” – By Pentatonix:  [button link=”” newwindow=”yes”]


          This time of year I really enjoy listening to great songs about Jesus birth and the music goes full blast.   I have a couple of other favorite songs that I will share in my next few Blogs.   My wife has been giving me a hard time in the past few weeks about turning the TV to the Hallmark channel to really enjoy the stories of Christmas.   She says I am really getting soft – well maybe, but they have some really good movies. 
So my question to you is:

How are you dealing with Christmas – is it good or is it a struggle?

During this time of year – do you turn to all the great tools out there that bring the true meaning of Christmas?

When people greet you – do they see the reason for the Season in you?  

Enjoy sayingMerry Christmas!”

Bobbyg                              “Christmas is everyday”