Can you say "Merry Christmas" this year!

     I enjoyed watching a special moment of the President Elect Donald Trump’s talk last week at the Michigan Thank You Tour….  The special moment during the event came when a group of people off to the side had their Merry Christmas Signs and shouted “Merry Christmas” to Mr. Trump.   He smiled and looked their way:  He then stated “”We’re going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”  and then everyone said it “MERRY CHRISTMAS”…  
          In the past if you said “Merry Christmas” you might offend someone – so the Politically Correct statement was supposed to be “Happy Holidays”.   I could never say that – even if I was ending a conversation at work in the Post Office during the Christmas season.   It offended me when someone would say Happy Holidays to me but I would politely say Merry Christmas in return. 
          One of my favorite songs about saying Merry Christmas is from:
                    GO Fish – Christmas with a Capital C (Push the button and enjoy the Song)   [button link=”″ newwindow=”yes”]
          I hope this song made you smile….. The song makes a point – we should never be stifled from saying Merry Christmas and it is a season that is all about Christ. 
          I am hoping that business will encourage their employees to say Merry Christmas this year or at least give them the option to say it without being afraid of being punished.   It saddens me when employees are told that they cannot say Merry Christmas at any time and businesses will take actions to create an environment that excludes Christ during this special season.   
          This has been a year that I can see the sleeping giant of the Christian community is finally awakening and making our views apparent to the public.  This is a great opportunity for the Christian Community to Love those around us, but at the same time speak out….  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
So this Christmas Season:

Will your greeting be “Merry Christmas”?

Will people around us see the Love Christ shine through us this season?