The leadership recipe for success

GMM President Jim Schamerhorn shared this:
I read an article recently that made me think about our leadership team as a “recipe for success.”
God is the “Master Chef” who has equipped each of us with gifts for success in this life. He has blessed each with talents, abilities, strengths, sensitivities and perspective. They include a full range of human emotions or lack thereof to enable us to represent him to the best of our ability (according to the power that works within).
Think of a recipe when cooking or baking. We put together a number of different ingredients: the best flour, good salt, and tasty spices. But separately they cannot be complete or effective, as they are meant to be in combination.
For  instance, when experienced on its own, flour is bland and can leave an unpleasant taste.  However, when combined with sugar, yeast, milk and other ingredients… it brings forth an amazing and wonderful loaf of bread.
Individually each of our team brings their specific gifts or strengths that ensure the overall success of GMM. These are a group of good and Godly men the Lord has put together in a “recipe for success.” They form the ingredients of a strong & cohesive band of brothers. However, as with any good recipe the constituent parts need an opportunity to interact to experience the benefit of the good and final product.
I’m looking forward to seeing what God cooks with us.