Roaring like a Lion!

There was an article in this morning’s paper from a local pastor that got my blood boiling and I just wanted to shout “You are Wrong”. The name of the Article was “All Christians must show love, not hate” – well this sounds like a great article to read (so I read it). You need to know that most of the articles that this Pastor writes I cannot read because of my anger issues (The Lion comes out) so I avoid even glancing through them.
But as normal this Pastor did his thing….   He is condemning Christians for speaking out in what they believe.   A couple of his comments were: “Double, double, toil and Trouble” – “Most of the trouble will come from self-identified Christians”.   Then he goes on to slam Christians for saying “We hate the sin but love the sinner”.   This Pastor was trying to silence Christians in speaking out on what they believe the truth to be.   OK now you can see I should not have read this article as I normally do not.
I know God works in some great ways in speaking the truth to me and after I read the article I went to church and listened to Pastor Shaun’s sermon. The first part of the scripture he shared was from Acts 8: 1>3 – On that day a great persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. Godly men buried Stephen and mourned deeply for him. But Saul began to destroy the church. Going from house to house, he dragged off both men and women and put them in prison.
Well this reminded me of this Pastor that wrote the article.   Saul was also trying to silence all the Christians for speaking out in what they believed in. But as the rest of the story goes Saul will meet up with the Real Jesus and hears His truth. That is when he becomes Paul and becomes one of the most powerful messengers of Jesus.
So my prayer at this point has to be that this Local Pastor will have a Jesus experience and hear the real truth.   I know that we as Christian must be in prayer constantly to the false teachings out there that Satan is filtering through what seems to be good people. (So please pray for this pastor as I will being doing the same.)
One of the songs today was “God is Not Dead” by the News Boys and the chorus is: [button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] God’s Not Dead[/button]

My God’s not dead

He’s surely alive

He’s living on the inside

Roaring like a lion

So I would like to conclude with why I named this blog “Roaring like a Lion!” We should never let anyone intimidate us into not speaking out in what we believe to be the truth.   Let no one silence us by explaining to everyone that what we say is Hate Speech (It is not).   We should be ROARING like a Lion and letting people know what Jesus has taught us. Always remember to: “Love your neighbor as yourself – but we can speak out in what we believe”.
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