As I get closer to the 2017 GMM Conference I get to meet with allot of Pastors.   I am blessed and inspired when I get to visit with them about the Conference but also about how they are doing.   Most of them are doing great but there are some that Satan seems to have target on them and their families.
A wise Pastor friend of mine once stated where there are people there are always the few that seem to be the traditional thorn in the side (at one time I may have been one of them). The problems always vary:

  1. I do not like the change in the bulletin.
  2. I do not like the way some people dress.
  3. To the hard ones is where a Pastor’s family member may be targeted with some very bad comments from a Lay Person inside the church.

The list can go on…………………………………
In the last several years one of my Acts of Worship is to fall under the Leadership of my Church no matter if my ideas are different.   Below is why….
We as Lay People of the Church must change and start focusing on winning souls for Christ and give up all the petty stuff. At our GMM Conference we have come up with 5 items that we expect each person to leave with:

  1. Deeper > relationship with Christ
  2. Encouragement > from community and Holy Spirit
  3. Passion > renewed, contagious, celebrating your gifts and talents
  4. Team > Band of Brothers, Unity in Community
  5. Home Church > daily bread and execution vehicle, pastors’ passions

This can also pertain to what we can expect from our Home Church:

  1. We should be growing in such a way that our relationship with Christ is becoming Deeper each day.
  2. We should be filled with the Holy Spirit and He should be active with in us.
  3. We should have a personality that is so passionate that it becomes contagious and people what to know why. JESUS
  4. We should be united as one body and one church – there should be no divisions….   UNITY
  5. This is the one that I really like to push:   Supporting our Pastors… God has given them a Vision and it is our responsibility to help make this successful.   Remember God is doing a Great work through them.


So are you the Thorn in the side of your Pastor!!!! If you are then change and become the helpmate God has made you to be in making your Pastor’s vision successful.   TODAY>>