Real Strength

I have been doing a Bible study for Men called Quiet Strength from the book that Tony Dungy wrote…  This week we discussed What is Strength… and The Big Question again:  “Can Real Strength be found in the man who is courageous enough to weather the storms of life and humble enough to look for support?     It seems that men see weakness when we cannot take care of our problems on our own and so we do not seek the Guidance of God and a couple of 2am guys.   It is really a lonely place when the troubles of life over power you and in the midst of it all – you fail to seek help.  I have learned that when life gets really bad – I will send a Text to several of my 2am guys and ask them to pray and then I start praying fervently…  “I had to do that this weekend” – it was a life saver.  If I do this instead of being reactive – then GOD’s wisdom will take control and give me guidance.   I just finished reading Nehemiah in my studies and he was a great example of praying and then listening to what God had to say.
One of the other sayings from the book this week was – “Regardless of how we are wired, strength is found in having the faith to look to God to change us and to obey Him in what He has called of us to do.”      Faith and Obedience – have you seen how these seem to go together as we go forward in life – and this takes real strength to follow this path.   We have to give up our Power and turn it over to God and then we need to be Obedient to what he calls us to do.   Have you ever had one of those experiences where God has called you to do something that you know that you do not have the strength to follow through with it?    I encountered one of those a couple of years ago – and it was through prayer that I was able to accomplish what he had asked.   I had been asked to have one of those tough talks with someone (A Coke as Bob Norris would call it) and there was no way that I wanted to even attempt that type of talk – I was not qualified.  Then God and I came to an understanding – I would do it – but I needed to be given assurance that I was supposed to do it.  I had asked for a sign of affirmation and when I got there – the sign was much greater than I anticipated – one of those WOW things.  It was the right thing to do and with God’s strength it turned out great.
Try it – doing something that is greater then you and ask God to take you through it………
The last bit of wisdom that came from the study was “Strength is made evident when you hear God calling you out of the old way and into the new—and you follow that call. Real Strength is found in reaching up to God in the middle of uncertainty and fear while standing in faith on the promises He has given.”     This is life changing when we go forward with this type of outlook…   So as you go forward into the next couple of weeks – look for what God is asking you to Change….   And put your Faith and Obedience into Action…  Our theme this year for the GMM Conference is “Activate Your Faith”  –  this looks different for everyone – but when you do =  Real Strength Comes.
So Make those Changes as they are revealed and see How Powerful Life Becomes.