Piercing of the Heart!

At the very first GMM conference one of the guys doodled something similar to the image below and I thought it was great. I asked him if he could do one in color and this is the art piece he came up with. What he got out of the conference was something great and there is more to the story in the following weeks on his relationship with Christ. I thought it would be great to write something about what I thought it meant to me. Enjoy the Blog.

I have a picture of our GMM logo on my wall and the title of it is “Piercing of the Heart” and then this saying:

“To be on fire for Jesus Christ – he must penetrate your Heart, but that does not mean that you will not have Heart Aches along the way.”

When you look at this image – it has a different meaning for everyone – all depending on where GOD is working on you at the present time.  This saying has become something that I have been pondering on lately.   I have seen God at work on me and several of my really good friends and the re-molding in us is producing some great things.   When God starts molding us for what he wants us to do – this can be very painful physically/spiritually and the world around us starts to change.
I have looked at my journey in the last 5 years and it has been a direction that I would not have chosen on my own.  When God took control, it was not what I expected and it was extremely scary.  As I went through the molding process – my Relationship with Christ went to a Greater level.  I had to depend on him to meet my needs and my prayer life became enhanced beyond what I could have believed.   I could drive to Jackson Wy. And back and never turn the radio on – I would just talk to God the entire time.

But now if you look at this picture – besides the Thorns – there is also a Flame and Rays of Light.   Through the molding that I went through – I would do it again if that is what God required of me to get me where he could use me.   The results of GOD’s Work have brought me a sense of Joy – Peace – Boldness – Trust and allot more Gifts of the Spirit.   I still worry at times and have stressful days – but it has taught me to pray even harder and the results come.

So please allow Christ to start Piercing your Heart today and enjoy the Journey that he has planned for you and the Work he can do through You..