Love God with all of my Heart!

I went to a Men’s Retreat (Advance) on Friday night and Pastor Shaun was the main Speaker.   He was using the Love Chapter of 1 Corinthians 13 to describe how we are to Love and he came up with 4 categories – two of them are below.   His talk about how we are to Love God is what got my attention and challenged me.
Most of the time when we read this passage of scripture we look at how we are to Love each other and not on how we are to Love God.
So I took each of these attributes of Love and looked at how I can Love God in each of them:
Love is:

  1. Patient >  I need to be patient in what God is doing in my life – His timing is different than mine and the outcome is much better then when I try to do in my timing.
  2. Kind >   When I do not like the results of what is happening in my life. I am not to respond in anger and think that God has done something bad – but I am to respond with Kindness and thank God for the Trials I am going through.

Love Does:

  1. Rejoices with the Truth > This one can be hard for me – When God is speaking to me and it is not what I want to hear – I need to rejoice in the Truth that is being presented.
  2. Bears all Things > I know God has a plan for me and in obedience I must bear all the trials that I am going through and those around me knowing He is there to help me.
  3. Believes all Things > I need to have a positive attitude in all that I do and Believe that God has set the path for me.   Sometimes I get discouraged about the unknown on where my journey is going and it is believing that God will use me where ever I am is extremely helpful.
  4. Hopes all Things > Hope is that major part of my existence on knowing that God has a final resting place for me in the end and I will be there someday with HimJ.
  5. Endures all Things > When I look at the World around me I have to remember that God is in control.   So knowing this I can endure Life.

Well this was my response on how I can Love God and enjoy what he is doing in my life.   When you look at my response they are about how I encounter what is happening around me.   It is now so much an Action but a Relationship that I have with God and out of that how I am to respond.
So Please take these 7 items and make them personal to how you can Love God in your life.