How is your Relationship with Christ? Part 4

This is the 4th part of my series on “How is your Relationship with Christ” – and it is about getting rid of all the junk in your life that keeps you from having the best relationship you can possibly have with Jesus. 1st part was getting rid of the junk daily – the 2nd part was developing a network of support – the third part was about Healing Relationships.  Now I would like to visit a little on what Hardens our Heart…
There are times when we harden our hearts about Issues, Politics, and worldly stuff that will definitely keep us from having that great relationship we are seeking with Jesus.  I would like to identify a few that have done that to me.

  1.       Politics:  This can be a very Big one for most of us – I am one of those Far Right Republicans that use to think all Democrats were idiots (not any more though).  I use to listen to Rush – Shaun – Glen and just took in everything that they said to heart.  The next thing I knew is that I was just as angry as they were and was preaching the wrong gospel to whoever would listen….    The old saying about what you take into your Heart will probably be what comes out of your Mouth is very true.   It did not take long before my whole focus was on what was wrong with this country instead of How Do I tell people about Jesus…   I finally had to stop listening to all of those guys and get back into my Quiet times and Read the Bible…  Now I am not so angry and my relationship with Jesus has been restored.     If you are where I was – you need to do the same…
  2.      Gray Areas:  There can be what I call Gray Areas — here is an example: if Diane (my wife) and I have different opinions – that does not mean mine is always right.  There can be two right answers….    I have been caught up in trying to prove that I am always right – that the next thing I know it makes me extremely angry when my wife cannot see that she is wrong.  Well guess what – I have learned from some great mentors that my wife may be right also (well just sometimes – OK most of the time).   You have heard the women are from Venus and Men are from mars – well that is correct – we see things from a different perspective and it is OK…   So do not spend allot of time trying to prove you are right – focus on what God is telling you through your difference and learn.
  3.      The Bible:   There have been major Splits in Churches and we have several Denominations over what we call the truth from our perspective.  I have had the pleasure of visiting several Churches since GMM started.  I have to tell you there are Great churches out there that do not all believe the same way – but we will all be Heaven together.    I have come up with 5 beliefs that I stand on that will unite me with other believers and I am extremely careful on the items that divide us…  Unity is a must in the Kingdom of God if we are going to be The Church that God has created.

If you have noticed one of the key areas that has been discussed in this series is Forgiveness and Grace —  We have to stay focused on this in all that we do if we are going to have that Awesome Relationship with Jesus…  **There is this Quote from Strong Men in Tough Times that I would like to share:  “When men experience tough times, the only way they can forgive as God forgives is by the power of His Holy Spirit.  We don’t have the ability in our natural selves.  Forgiveness is always by Grace.  Forgiveness is always in spirit, not just word.”  — This is a great way to keep your heart from hardening.
So Stay focused on keeping an Open Heart – not a Hardened one and you will achieve that Relationship with Jesus that goes beyond any expectations.