How is your Relationship with Christ? Final Part

This is the Last part of my series on “How is your Relationship with Christ”   I would like to share where it has taken me….  And how God is working in my life today.
I would like to list a few areas that have been extremely Enhanced because of getting rid of the junk in my life….

  1.  I hear God more Clearly – “Hearing from God doesn’t depend on how old you are, but on your Relationship with him” (Quote from Strong men in tough times).
  2. I seem to talk to Christ more now then I have ever done and it keeps growing.
  3. I am more open to where Jesus is taking me — I have learned to do a Check on my Comfort Level – it should be on the uncomfortable side to keep me growing…
  4. I am seeking more Evangelistic opportunities on sharing the good news.

**My relationship with my Wife and 3 Sons is much better.
**Work is still a Challenge – but I keep asking myself – “Do they see Jesus in me?”  –  This is the one that I am having the  hardest time with today.
**Relationship with my Church is getting better – this one still needs some tweaking.
As you can see – I still have a long ways to go to get where Christ would have me be – but while I am working on all these areas – My Relationship with Christ is growing all the time.
Here are some tools that may help you in seeking that dynamic Relationship with Christ.
*Forgive Daily  and   Apply Grace in all that you do.
*Exercise Your Comfort Level at all times.
*Remember to check Daily and get rid of the Junk – put a reminder in your pocket to help.
This Takes allot of Discipline to keep your Relationship with Christ growing and it will be a daily practice to keep out all the junk that hinders it.    Look for the Areas in your Heart that have been hardened and fix it.
Here are some Quotes to Ponder…………………….
What you want is irrelevant to what God wants.
It is your Decisions that matters (Good or Bad) – and they have consequences and will change your life and your relationship with Christ.
What are you going to choose to do today?
Hearing from God and acting on it… (“If we wait on a sign from God, it will probably never happen – if we go forward (As Peter stepping onto the water) then we will see the signs of Christ) (Quotes from Chasing the Wild Goose).
“But I’ve come to realize that getting where Christ wants me to go isn’t nearly as important as becoming who he wants me to be in the process.  And Christ seems to be less concerned with where I am going than with who I am becoming.   I think some of us want to know the will of God more than we want to know God”.
  It is all about the Relationship   –     WHERE IS YOU RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST RIGH NOW?
**Remember this year’s GMM Theme:   “Activate Your Faith”   –   this is a big part in what you need to do Daily…