How is your Relationship with Christ? Part 3

This is the 3rd part of my series on “How is your Relationship with Christ” – and it is about getting rid of all the junk in your life that keeps you from having the best relationship you can possibly have with Jesus.   1st part was getting rid of the junk daily – and the 2nd part was developing a network of support.
Now I would like to talk some about Healing Your Relationships.
The first area I would like to look at is our relationship with our Wives – for us married guys – if our wife is not happy then no one is happy.

  •                *I wrote a blog on “The making of Your Bed – Is this the Real Problem”   if you have time you may want to read it –   But it talks about that most of the problems that we have with our wives are really our own problems and not theirs – so just get over it…   well not really but there is allot of insight to this story – it saved my marriage.
  •                *Then it is always great to have an accountability partner to share your issues with – most of the time this will clear any heartaches you are having with your wife – pray together about it.
  •                *Then find easy ways to eliminate your problems without getting into a heated discussion.  I like to tell the tooth paste story on this one.   My wife would always use my tooth paste instead of hers and leave the lid open all the time – then all the goo would start collecting at the opening.  This was a really big problem for me (not her) – so one day I bought some orange tooth paste because I like orange.  To my astonishment my wife used it and stated that she did not like it….  Guess what, my problems were settled – I bought orange tooth paste from then on…   problem fixed the easy way…

One more relationship with family is Kids….    This one is really easy – find a support group or mentor… and maybe a Pastor you can blame….  Raising kids is no easy task so it is a must to find ways of keeping your battles on the important stuff and making the other issues simple.
Work:  The biggest thing I can say here is always do a self check on yourself and ask “Do they see Jesus in Me?”     I really struggle in this area and have constantly had to remind myself – “this is only a job and my testimony has to be great”.   I had a co-worker ask me one time – “Are you one of those Jesus Freaks?”…   I do not ever want to get asked that again……  Yes I AM.     But please remember work is work – leave it there – do not take your frustrations home (this can be really hard at times).
Church:  This is where people can get hurt…….   Here is an example that I have been taught by a very good friend of mine (Grant).   Relationships inside a Church is like being in Battle side by side with our Swords and fighting the Battle with all our might.   While we are swinging our swords next to each other – there may be a time or two that we nick each other.   Now comes the Big Question – What do I do when my fellow Christian nicks/hurts me….   “Forgiveness and Grace that is what comes to mind… and again it is very hard to do…   Another Blog if you have time –
**Healing Relationships is another Daily Discipline and takes allot of Practice –  Keep doing it and watch your Relationship with Jesus grow…………………..