Faith Helps…..

Sunday’s newspaper had an article that was headlined “Faith helped Jets’ Davis” – so if you did not see the article, you will have to look it up and read the whole article.   I would like to share a few parts of what the Linebacker Demario Davis shared.   Demario was going through a really tough time and it all caught up with him one day and he had to turn it over to God….   Here are a few of his comments.

“It was kind of like, that day, I surrendered. I mean, I just surrendered. God met me there.”

“I could kind of feel like this huge weight was lifted off of me and it was almost like God said: “Thank you for finally surrendering. Now, I can take over and I can handle the rest””

How many of us are willing to do what Demario did – break down and finally let God be in control.   This is not easy and sometimes we have to be on our knees before our Faith kicks in.
The more Demario trusted in his faith the more he could see God in Action taking care of him.

“It was kind of like the light bulb went off. I just think that God had a hand in the moment, like he said. “This is what he needs to hear to make the light bulb go off.” God doesn’t just do these random acts from heaven. He uses people and he uses situations to speak to us.”

God does use the people around us to strengthen our faith and to bring us closer to Him. We just need to pay attention to what he is saying through other people or situations. Demarion let his faith come to light in making him the person he is today – we can do the same.
I enjoy it when I see people being Bold about their Faith and how it has impacted their lives. I just pray that God can work through me in the same way and people can see my Faith by the actions I take.

This is a great way to start the New Year – 2018.

Let your Faith Help you show what God is doing in your life!

Be Bold!