Failed Obedience:

I have just started reading the first part of Exodus and have looked at what they went through then – we can see that we still go through the same things today..    In the first part of Exodus – Obedience is being stressed to Obey God and his commandments….   If you did not – then God would take his blessings and protection from you and you were on your own – and the worst part was that God was Angry with you.  There were severe consequence when this happened and the results were extremely unpleasant.
So tonight I was talking to my Brother (Mike) about this and the discussion was about his experience when he was in College…    My Brother had an accident and was in a Coma for @ 6 months and was not expected to come out of it….   But he did – sometimes I question whether that was a good thing JJ… but it turned out to be a great thing.  But his testimony is about his Obedience and how he failed….   He would keep Sunday Holy and went to church and had some great friends there.   But During the week was different – he partied allot and the Obedience was no where to be seen.  He will testify that God took his Blessings and Protection away and that is how his accident happened.
Now my thoughts go to me…. Or you….   Are we being dis-obedient in ways in which God has commanded us to do – that would take his Blessings and Protection away from us.   I am still thinking about this one….   — I need to pause and come back with an answer…..
OK – after Pondering this for a day – there are so many things that separate us from God (Sin) and it looks different for everyone.   My Brother has a testimony that he shares because of his disobedience and he has been going forward since then.  Yes there are times we blow it as the Israelites did – but when it requires something as dramatic as my Brothers Car Accident to turn us around – then we need to reevaluate our Obedience.
***I would like to give you the opportunity to share your story about how God has turned you around.
So if you have a testimony to share – please send it to this email and let me know if I can share it on the Web Site…