Do what it says..

I had was reading my Daily Devotion this morning the scripture was from James.
James 1:22:   Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says….
This had me going back to last weekend – I spent Father’s day weekend with my Grand Kids in Colorado Springs (and with my son and daughter in-law).   It was my Grand Daughters birthday, so one of her gifts was taking her to the Wolf Refuge west of Colorado Springs – she loves Animals.   Well they had a Gift store and I really like to spoil my Grand Kids – so I told them I would pay for up to $20 of stuff for them.  While my Grand Daughter was getting her special gift of feeding the fox’s – my Grand Son and I went to the store.
While we were shopping Jonah kept asking the question of “Is this the Wolf Braidyn liked or would she like this?”.  My response was “what does it matter – this stuff is for you” – thinking that he did not want to buy what his sister would buy.  Well when we were finished purchasing our stuff – he looked at me and said “Now I can give this to Braidyn for her Birthday”...   Man did that put me in my spot…. the heart of a 7 year old was for giving someone else a gift. (Jonah was baptized in March).
It is great to see the perspective of the young doing what Jesus would do… the gift of giving to someone else.   My Grand Kids know the stories of the Bible – but it is humbling to experience them doing what it says…  We can all learn from the hearts of the YOUNG>
As the verse says above – we should not just be Listeners but Doers of what of what the word says…   and it is as simple as buying something for your sister instead of yourself.  Jesus commands are extremely simple to follow – our response is just to be obedient…

 So this week – look for those simple things to do and use your Talents to let Jesus shine through your response….