Where Does God have you at the Present time??

My wife just purchased this saying to put on our wall from Exodus 14:14:  “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to Be Still” – This just happens to be where my Bible Reading is (Exodus), **This is the time when the Israelites are finally being taken out of Slavery and then Pharaoh’s heart has been hardened and his armies are once again in pursuit of them.   Then you know the Rest of the Story – God protects them and they are successful in escaping – they just needed to Be Still and let God do his work.
About a week ago I Blogged on the Scripture of 1 Thessalonians 4:10-12 about “make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business”
This has been extremely confusing to me – I have always written about how important it is to always be going forward in God’s work…   One of my blogs was about Jonathan and his armor Bearer and we needed to be one or the other and go forward together in Battle.
We should not be just sitting underneath the Sycamore Tree doing nothing and waiting for the enemy to come…
As you can see – I am really confused…    Should we “Be Still” or should we be “leading a quiet life and minding our own Business” or should we be “Going forward in Battle as Jonathan did”?????
After doing much pondering on this tough topic of being quiet or active,  I have had to settle with the idea that are different seasons in our lives that we need to be all of these.

  1.  There are times we need to Be Still and let God do his work so that we can be successful.  He needs us to trust in him to accomplish His will in the direction he has going.
  2. Then there are times we need to lead a quiet life and mind our own business as was required of the Thessalonians.  We need to work hard and let Jesus Shine through us….
  3. Then there are the times that we need to engage in the Battle as Jonathan did and go forward with our Armor Bearer alongside of us.

So the question is:   What season of life are you at the present time…   As my wife’s saying that we put on our wall – I would have to say that God is telling us to “Be Still” and allow him to do His work.  We are getting close to retirement and He has a plan for my wife and I – we just need to allow him to prepare the way for us.  It can be very hard to be patient – but in order for God to do his work through us –  we must “Be Still”.

 So look at where God has you at the present time and be obedient to where he is taking you.

Be still