After AD:

     My wife and I watched the show on Fox News Last night about “Killing Jesus” – not sure about the whole story line and what was missing, but there was a part that really hit me hard.
          When they took Jesus and tortured him – it was the response of the Disciples that got my interest.   I know that I have read it a hundred times, but seeing the looks on their faces broke my Heart.  They did not know what to do – they were lost without Jesus to lead them and their Boldness went away.  It reminded me at times of where is my Boldness to tell people about Jesus.  That is an area that I have made a semi-resolution on this year (I am extremely careful when I make an Oath)…. “To be Bolder in my Faith”.   Wherever I am at – really look at the Pentecost 1people Jesus puts in front of me.
          As you know the rest of the story – the Disciples received a Helper – the same one that we have today and then went on to tell people about the Jesus they know.   Their Deaths were ones like we are seeing today overseas – with the persecution of Christians when they make a stand – beheaded or shot.
My favorite verse is Hebrews 11:1 > Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
     When Jesus was killed – this is what the Disciples had to go on – and this chapter will give great examples of how to be successful.    I have to really focus on this verse when I encounter people who question me about my Faith…. and like the Disciples – I would want to have that Boldness to tell the people about the Jesus I know…

          Peter denied Christ 3 times before the day was over – and he is the Rock we look at…    I must remember – like Peter I do the same – but Also like Peter, he was forgiven before he failed and so am I.     Peter Confused

So this week – look for that Boldness to share Jesus with the person that has been put in front of you…