Will you leave a Legacy? Nick is going to….

      I have always wondered that if I were to go today – would I be missed and what type of Legacy would I be leaving.   Well a very good friend of mine is moving away at the end of this month and I would like to share a bit of his Legacy when he leaves.   My biggest hope is that when I do leave – mine will be almost up to Nick’s.
           I first met Nick when I started going to a new Church in town – it was meeting at the Theater…   When you arrived at the front door – there was Nick faithfully greeting everyone who came in.  The Children flocked to him to get a greeting and the people were met with words of encouragement as they passed through the front door.   He was my twin brother – He had the same hair cut as mine (none) and he had this designer face that was similar to mine.   Nick would have designed his own – where I had to pay for mine… 
           Then when I was blessed to get to know Nick – his Heart/Wisdom that can only come from a relationship with Christ came out and I encountered it.   He joined GMM (God’s Mighty Men) and became a Board Member – he will be missed.   The Wisdom of Nick’s that changed my Heart – was his view on Evangelism….    We did a study on Crazy Love with a bunch of guys – I had to call it Barbarian Crazy Love (we were Guys).   While we did this study – Nick’s view of Evangelism came out…   “Love Wins” (I believe this saying is from another book).    Nick’s thoughts were – Would it not be better to tell people that God loves all people and wishes them to be in Heaven – then we can tell them about Christ in a new way.      WOW – what a concept – do not tell them about their Sin – but that Christ loves them…  It is the approach I use today…. 
           Nick got into the Art Culture – he takes a pile of Scrap Metal and turns it into Pieces of Art or something useful.   GMM was blessed because he would make us a piece of Art each year to give away.   We would tell him what our Theme was and he would create something Awesome…   When you see Nick’s Art – You see Jesus and his Faith through his Art.   Many people have been blessed by Nick’s great works of Art and Wisdom.  While visiting Nick in his studio or encountering him at an Art show – they got to see Jesus….  
           One of Nick’s Special Gifts is Mentorship and Serving…   He has this gift of being able to connect with people.   During the time that I have known him – he has made himself available to help many people in His Service (Shoveling a side walk – Moving a Piano – Coffee or a Beer with a friend).    There have been several guys that have come through Nick’s life that he has mentored and given them his wisdom…. and Heart…    I am one of them…  and we are all different because of our experience of Jesus working through Nick to make us better.
           I could go on with the stories of Nick – but my biggest point in telling a portion of Nick’s Story is:     When we leave are we going to leave a Legacy such as Nick’s…     by the way he is moving to Spokane Washington.   

So think about it – if I were to move away or the best of all go see Jesus – would people have seen Jesus because of me.

So look at your life and the people you encounter – are you making a difference?