A Check on Your Ministry and Maturity in Your Spiritual Walk:

     The GMM team had an Advance this last weekend and it was a very Challenging time as to where I was with my Ministry.  Our Speaker (Pastor Jason K.) did a great job at putting forth a message of Support – but also one of checking to see where each of us have matured.   He gave us 5 questions for us to answer in a personal moment…   Here they are:

  1.  What is my role in GMM?
  2. How Involved am I?
  3. Why am I here?
  4. How is my Church Helping?
  5. Do I have a Church Home?

    Some of these were easy to answer but others I really had to think about…    These could be questions for you also:  If you are involved in a ministry outside the church that affects your community – how would you answer them? 
      These questions for me were checking on my Maturity in How I am letting people know about Jesus – and do they see that in me.   This includes all areas of my life…
           My study Bible had this section in Hebrew that made our Maturity Choices that we chose in Life:
  Are We:    

  •                        Teaching others – or – Just being taught
  •                         Developing depth of understanding – or – struggling with the basics
  •                         Self-evaluation – or – self-criticism
  •                         Seeking unity – or – promoting disunity
  •                         Desiring Spiritual challenges – or – Desiring entertainment
  •                        Careful study and observation – or – opinions and halfhearted efforts
  •                        Active Faith – or   – cautious apathy and doubt
  •                        Confidence – or – Fear

                 We mature at each of these in different ways and at different times in our lives, but these are great things to ponder and see where your Maturity is at the Present time.

So I would encourage you look at your Ministry and see where you are – then look at your Christian Walk and see where that is.

Take this week and Pray about each of these areas in your life.


**Remember our Growth should be through Jesus!