Do they see Jesus?

     I have been on vacation – so it has been a few days since I wrote a blog, but I am excited to write about what I was able to experience during my Travels.
     Diane and I were on Vacation in Pagosa Springs, CO. with a couple of our friends from Salem OR.  – We like to connect with them a couple of times a year.   We ventured Downtown to check out the sites and started with a coffee shop by the River.   My wife walked down this hallway and came back to tell me that this was a Christian Business because of some signage she encountered.  Then we went across the street to the Next Door (name of the business) – and when you walked in you could tell that this also was a Christian Business.  I knew I was in Trouble at this place and had to get my wife out soon – or it was going to cost me…
        It felt really good to walk into a few of the Business in Town and you could see that Jesus was a big part of the owner’s life…   So my thoughts are – would this not be great to experience Jesus when you are on an adventure in a new town in the local Businesses.
          Then my thoughts went to – Do people see Jesus when they walk into my Home.   I have to tell you that after we went into that store in Pagosa Springs called Next Door – they will see Jesus in my Home when they walk in (I knew it was going to cost me).   We now have 3 plaques over the fireplace that read.

  1.   A Saying from 1 Corinthians  13: 7-8
  2.   Another from Joshua 24:15
  3.   And the other with 2 Samuel 22:33

They are a great addition to our Home – we have other items that would also let you know that Jesus is first in our lives…   But I hope that when they come to my Home – questions would be asked if they did not know Jesus.
          Now came the biggest Question:    Do they see Jesus in me – and as the saying goes:   “They will know we are Christians by our Love”.   People should see Jesus us in me – without any signage that tells them that Jesus in first in my life.   
         I will have to tell you that I really struggle with this at times – especially with some of my old work partners.   This is something that I have to pray on daily and ask for others to help me..   I have to be careful that when I talk about some of my co-workers that I do it in a positive way…… and change my Heart to represent that…..   This a very Hard thing for me to do – I have to keep singing that song from Matthew West (Forgiveness)…. 

So my Challenge to you today is:

Do they see Jesus in You???