What If????????

I had this question going through my head most of last night “What If?” and I was coming up with allot of What If’s….   This is a great question when you are looking at situations that you encounter and need to know what to do…
          I googled the Question “What if?” and here is some insight on one of the hits:

The Power of “What If” Questions

Almost all of us have experienced those sleepless nights running through scenario after scenario, wondering “what if.”

These “what ifs” don’t pay off. They remove your strength, undermine your influence, and make you bow to the negative. When given enough power, they can break you.

 But there’s another kind of “what if” question: the “what if” of possibility. Instead of weighing us down, these questions free us and empower us.

          As you can see this is a big question that can lead to a negative or positive result and it has allot of Power.  I would like to tell you that mine ended up on a positive note – but I do not want ask myself that question ever again in the middle of the night. 
    So some of the What If’s that were going through my head last night were:

  1.  The Big one:  What if Jesus were to come today?  Am I ready? My answer was I think I am, but I want to make sure my Sons and Grandkids know about Jesus…
  2. Pastor Shaun presented this question on Sunday which started My What If:   What if your dog walked in Chewing up a ten dollar bill?  Are you going to discipline the dog or give it grace?  I am not going to answer that one.
  3. Then my mind went crazy:  LOL – What if I do not get to sleep?  What if I have to spend more time with people that need me? (Time is a valued commodity for me).  What if the Hail Ruined the Garden? (It is a big Garden that I help my son with).  And it kept going….

    I know in life we are going to have many of the “What If” questions and we should be ready to make them a positive outcome.  I finally ended up with this thought:  “through obedience and taking my “What If” to Christ then all will be well”.   So enjoy your experience of “What If” but try not to loose too much sleep?

So what is your “What if”?

Are they empowering you with a Positive outcome?

Is Christ at the Center of all your answers?