What does GOD have planned for you this year?

I was reading the paper this morning and this article by Chuck Tabor really stood out – so I had to read it…    Chuck has some great insight on how to forward this year and making sure it is what GOD has in plan for us.  This article was a great motivator as we are called to do God’s work and allow him to work through us.    ENJOY>>
One of his suggestions is:  “May I suggest that the Word of God gives us several indicators for how we can be sure that what we are doing is in line with what God Wants us to do?  These steps are centered on who God is, what God wants and What He has equipped us to do:”

  • 1.   God directs those who are already moving in the direction He has revealed in His Word.
  • 2.  God’s Word enables us to differentiate between man’s thoughts and God’s thoughts, by comparing all thoughts with the teaching of the Word of God.
  • 3.  God wants us to ask HIM for directions in prayer.
  • 4.  God wants us to consult respected counselors for their thoughts and wisdom.

Then Chuck came up with some checks and balances to make sure we have made the right decisions in going forward.
“If I were to decide to do this thing……………..”

  • 1.   Can I genuinely thank God for it?
  • 2.  Will this promote a positive virtue in my life?  (Philippians: 4:8 for guidelines –  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.)
  • 3.  Will taking this action cause me to glorify God?
  • 4.  Will this dim my vision of Christ in any way?  That is, will I be drawn closer to Him or pushed farther away by deciding to do this?
  • 5.  Will this take away my taste for studying the Bible?
  • 6.  Will this affect my prayer life in any way?  Either enhancing it (that’s good!) or cramping it (that’s bad!)?
  • 7.  Will this decision in any way make serving Christ easier or more difficult?

He finishes it with this Great quote: – your challenge for today….

“And I will never have it that God created any man, especially any Christian man, to be a blank, and to be a nothing.  He made you for an end. Find out what that end is; find out your niche and fill it.”


 “Radical Truth and Grace”  2014 as we go forward.”