I normally do not write about Politics, but I would like to share some items on the topic.  
               I believe this is going to be an extremely hard year for Christians to vote for a candidate in the upcoming elections for 2016.   My biggest question to myself was:   “If I do not like any of my choices should I just not vote?”   I did not have the answer to this so I went to Google and typed in:  “Scripture on why Christians should vote” and it came up with several different hits on the topic.   After reading some of these – I would have to say – “Yes I am supposed to vote.”  But it should be done with prayer and research. 
     Franklin Graham will be coming to Cheyenne this summer on his “Decision America Tour” – He is going to each State Capital and encouraging Christians to *Pray for our Country – *Vote – *Be Active in our Country.   Here are some links that will give more information on the event.

  1.  Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham:
  2. How to get involved:
  3. Wyoming Link:

**This is something that I will be involved with and would encourage everyone to attend the event if they can.
     A friend of mine (Bob W) sent this connection to me on some reason why Christians are hesitant to vote.   It has some really good insight on each of the reasons and would be a good one to look at. 
          *5 Reason Young Christians and Pastors Avoid Politics like the Plague

  1. The Moral Majority (1980s) forever linked the church to the Republican Party.
  2. Christians are “always against something.” They vilify just abortion and gay-marriage.
  3. Politics is bad, offensive and divisive.
  4. The church and the state are to be separate.
  5. The gospel doesn’t allow for politics … it’s not our mission.

     The topic of Voting has been in several of my conversations lately and it  is a great concern as our country goes forward in selecting candidates for each office.   Then I have been asked who would I vote for:   My answer is ???????  LOL – I would have to sit down and visit with you before I gave an answer… 

 Are you going to vote this year?

Are you PRAYING about who you should vote for?

Have you done your research to come up with your best candidates?