“True Identity” What is yours.

Thumb Print with Cross          Well the Conference is over and it was a Big Success – and the message was brought.  But first of all I have to tell you “I have an AWESOME Wife” – she was my life saver.   She kept things flowing and fixed all the problems and most of all – if I came out of the Conference she chased me back in… LOL….  Then I was really blessed to have all 3 of my Sons there and a Special friend Brexton with me.  
     There were lots of Dads there with their sons – it was really special.
     Now back to the Conference – Between the main Speaker Erwin – and the 8 Pastors who brought powerful messages on True Identity and to finish off with a Challenge from Pastor Velcro – It was a WOW moment.   If you did not leave thinking about what your Identity was – then you missed the whole Conference. 
 Moses002     Erwin started off with the story of Moses and then ended up with the Faith Chapter…     Do you think Moses started off thinking he was going to be great with the obstacles that he had to overcome and he really blew it when he killed the Egyptian?   Does that sound something like your life – except for the Murder part, but we all have our obstacles to overcome and sin to be forgiven.  But Greatness was thrown upon Moses – and it will thrown upon us. 
    The verses of Hebrews 11: 1-2 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  This is what the ancients were commended for.  
        Do we look at our now as being Successful with all of our Stuff and where our Christian life is at.   Or do we dream about where we can be and go for that dream.   We were created to do Great things but sometimes we get stuck in the ordinary.   This chapter talks about allot of Heroes of the Faith and they were people just like us.  They were not the Elite or the Pharisees – they were us.    The difference is that they were Obedient to the calling of God to do the extraordinary and so are we.
      So how does that fit into “True Identity”:   well God created us to be creative and to expand on what we see ourselves being – not the people we are at the present time?  It is the things that we do not see in the physical – but the things that we can Hope to be.  Obedience in Christ will get us there and Greatness will be thrust upon us. 
       Now the 8 Pastors that did the Blasts – followed up on this message and brought the Challenges to us about becoming our “True Identity”.   It is so great to see Christ bring all these different Pastors in and they all have a different message but it all comes together for one Cause…..    “Jesus”. 
          Then Pastor Velcro challenged us to take what we heard at the Conference and if we do not do anything with it – then we have failed to hear the message.  We should all be changed Men going forward for one Cause and that is to have a Thumbprint with Christ in the Center of our Identity.  Then we must take it to the next Level and be Great – Look around at the opportunities that are right there in front of us.

 So the Questions come:

What is your Identity at the present time – has it become Stagnate?

Do you see in the invisible that you can become and are you going towards that in Faith of the unseen and making it real?

Are you being Obedient to what is Christ calling you to do NOW – no matter what your past looks like?  These are the Men that he takes and makes Great – read about the people in Hebrews Chapter 11.


PS – we hope to get the all the messages on or Web Site in the next several months.
Here is someone that dreamed about where Christ could take him and made it real….

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