Today is a GOOD DAY!

Today my wife and I got up at 04:00am to take a friend of hers who lives in Longmont to DIA.   When we left it was a negative 12 Degrees outside and the roads were somewhat icy most of the way. Then we had to deal with the Denver rush hour and on the way home there were about 12 vehicles in the ditch that slowed down the traffic.   When we got home it was time to take a nap.
After getting up I read the newspaper and in the Letters to the Editor there it was: an article named “Look around and realize that today is a good day”. (Do they know what my day was like!!!!!)
I would like to share the Article by “Win Ratz”:

Today is a good day…….   Someone smiled as we passed each other at the library. – The heavy, gray clouds parted, and the sun came out. – Our neighbor cleared our driveway of snow. – A friend called, and my day was lighter. – A neighbor refilled her bird feeder today. – I called an old friend who is sick. We laughed about shared memories, and were lifted up to a brighter place. – Two little girls came to our door selling Girl Scout cookies. We choose our favorites and the girls went happily on to the next house. –

“Today is a good day…..”

It made me realize that a bad day like mine is only because I look at the day through the wrong colored glasses. As Pastor Shaun stated in his talk at the Interfaith Prayer breakfast we need to look at the World through rose colored glasses and see Jesus shining. That is what this person did and it brightened their day.   So now I am looking at my day a little different today… Here it is:

  1. We were able to help a friend get to the DIA and really enjoyed our talk.
  2. We did not have an accident and got home safe.
  3. I cleaned my walk and then went down to the neighbors and got to visit with a couple of the guys.
  4. The sun has come out and it is a really bright day.
  5. My sister is coming over for a visit – well maybe that isn’t too good LOL…   nah we had a great talk.

As you can see we should have a good day every day – we just need to set our minds on being positive….

So remember – Today is a GOOD DAY!

Remember that with Jesus you can never have a bad day!