The Spiritual Battle: 3

      A pastor friend of mine does a News Letter (Pastor Velcro) and recently one of his articles tweaked my interest in the Spiritual Battle Series I have been writing…   Please read this then I will comment.
From Pastor Velcro:
What’s your focus? The journey or the destination?
                     There are people who just love to travel. Some love to travel by car, others by motorcycle; others love to travel by boat or airplane or hot air balloon or even by walking/hiking.
                      One thing most of them have in common is that they enjoy the journey as much as or more than the destination. And what is really strange is that the stories they seem to enjoy the most are those where they encounter difficulties. What’s even crazier is that it appears the worse the difficult was, the greater the enjoyment (at least when looking back upon it).
                       It sure seems like Christians complain about their difficulties a lot. “Please God, help.” Why not embrace the difficulties? James said we should “consider it pure joy – whenever you face trials of many kinds …” He continues by showing how we grow through that process. That’s what those who love to travel understand.
                         As a Christian, do you enjoy your journey through this life? Sure, we want the destination, but we can enjoy this life that God has given us and we can look back and enjoy overcoming difficulties.

It’s your choice!

     You know he is right – we should see it as pure joy when we are going through the Battle – but most of us cannot see any Joy as we are in the midst of it.   Sometimes after we have gotten to the destination we can look back and see God’s Hand at work through the process and possibly then we can be joyful for being successful.     I was talking to one of my 2am guys (Ryan) about the Battle and he had stated that we must being doing something really right if Satan has chosen us… 

 My question to you is –  Are seeing any Joy as you go through Your Battle – if not – Rethink what the end result will be and try to see some joy while being in the Midst of it – Satan has chosen you because you are doing something he is afraid of. 

This is extremely hard to do – but the end result has a much better impact.