The 2am Guy – who is that!!!

I have been listening to this Sermon Series call “Wise Up” from Skip Heitzig on the book of proverbs.   The last DVD I listened to was talking about where to get Counsel and who should give Counsel (it covered it well).      We can pay to get wise Counsel from professionals – but the best Counsel comes from a one on one talk with a great friend.   The sermon states that we need to seek out a person that we can visit with and the next best thing is a small group.
As Guys this can be a really big Challenge and does not come natural but is a must to help us go forward the way God would direct us.   I am a Promise Keeper at heart and when they first started the PK Conferences – I was sold out on what their objective is.   I believe that we need a band of brothers that we can study with and hold each other accountable.
So what is a 2am guy????  Every guy should have one of these…..   The 2am guy is someone you can call up at 2am and he will be there.  I have several of these guys and I have tapped in to them at 2am – 8am – 6pm to pray or have a coke with.   Just a quick warning – when you call them at 2am it may take a couple of tries to wake them up.  I had one of those 2am moments and instead of calling one of the guys – I sent a text message to a few of them.  To my amazement several of them called and we prayed together.   I have also gotten the call at 2am and did not get to the phone in time – but called right back – we met for a cup of coffee at 2am.
So to close – if you do not have a 2am guy – then you must connect with a Men’s Group at your local church and start getting connected…   or better yet start a Men’s Group.   If you are unsure on how to get one started – send me an email   and we can connect – I can give you some of my pointers or direct you to some great groups that are already meeting in town and you can observe what they do.
Bobby G