Prayer Warrior:

           We are in times where our Prayer Warriors are essential to fight the Spiritual Battle that is going on.   (Just an added note – we are all Prayer Warriors)   We had a guest speaker at church and he read from the 4th chapter of Acts verses 23 > 31.  In my study Bible it has a comment on the bottom that answered some of questions on the situations we may seem to be in at the present time:

“Notice how the believers prayed.  First they praised God; then they told God their specific problem and asked for his help.  They did not ask God to remove the problem, but to help them deal with it.  We can follow this model when we pray.  We may ask God to remove our problems, and he may choose to do so.  But we must recognize that often he will leave the problem in place and give us strength and courage to deal with it.”

          This reminded me that when I pray – I should be praying for the people involved in the situation and not so much about me (that would include both sides of the situation).   The first GMM Theme was “How Big is Your God” – my question to myself is “Do I really believe He is big enough to handle my Situation”?   God is in control and His actions will make me that much stronger in the end as I go through the situation (even if I have to make some changes)…… 
          As we look at our world today – we as Prayer Warriors really need to be ACTIVE.  I am helping with “Decision America 2016” by Franklin Graham that will be coming to Cheyenne on August 12th.  There is a big emphasis on Christians getting back to praying for our country – when you become a Prayer Warrior – God will bring back his blessing.   When you see what is going on in our country at the present time – I would have to say that the Spiritual Battle of our enemy is ENGAGED….  Are we ENGAGED?
          The song “God of the City” from Chris Tomlin is a Mighty one and we should be INVOLVED in God’s work. 

Enjoy listening…

As the song says there are Greater things to come and Greater things to be done in this City.   God is at work – The question is “Are we involved in helping Him to make things Greater?”

Are you being an Active Prayer Warrior?

Are you Praising God in your situation?

Who are you Praying for?

Are you involved in God’s Work?