Prayer Response……

I had a great time this last weekend at COH (Convoy of Hope) – it went well beyond any expectations of mine.  I was able to help head up the Front Line (as we call it at GMM) and we recorded @ 4,305 people coming through the front gate.  We had a great team there to greet everyone and give them a Hand out or two.
Towards the end there was a family that wanted to leave – but not through the area that was set up for the exit.  I was at an area along with A Mom and her young daughter which we could open up for people to exit.  As this family was exiting they handed us back 2 of the tickets we had given to them for FREE Groceries and wanted us to give them to someone who would use them.   Then there response was that they refused to go through a Prayer tent to receive Groceries – they did not believe in that Religious stuff and it was terrible.  (They were extremely unappreciative of the reason for COH).
The young daughter was upset over their response (She knew this was a great event and had great purpose) – her Mom had stated that one of the main objectives of this event was for these people and that we needed to pray for them.   I agreed – but I also added that I was glad it was us that they spoke to when they left – they had a message to give someone and we were that someone.
Now my question to myself a couple of days later was…   We said that we needed to Pray for this family – But did I???  That one hit me hard – I said we needed to but I failed to follow-up – I did pray for them today.
So here is where I would like to challenge everyone – When we say that we need to or are going to pray for someone —   DO WE?  As I was going to Fort Collins today I thought back to the many times that I stated about praying for someone of something and failed…    I am challenging myself from now on to make sure that does not happen again and my prayers need to be specific to the needs of what God is going to accomplish.
**I have to tell you that 2 great friends of mine and a Pastor knew of some struggles that I am going through presently called me up and prayed over the phone with me….  POWERUL Prayers…    (Paul – Mike and Bill – THANK YOU).   But they did something about the Prayer Power that God has given them…   We must do the same.
So today – think of someone or something to Pray for and DO IT>>>>>>