Praise – Giving Thanks or Revenge:

I have really been enjoying the book my wife gave me to read – and the story line throughout the Book has been about Joseph (Joseph and the coat of many colors).   This last few chapters have been talking about Joseph’s encounter with his brother after @ 20 years and how he responds.
          Joseph had every right to respond with Revenge – look at what he has been through in the last 20 years and why he got there.  His brothers had thrown him in a pit to die and then eventually sold him into Slavery.   You would have expected him to do as Christ did in Luke 23:34:   “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  — But at first Joseph could not.   As the Book says “He didn’t because Forgiving Jerks is the hardest trick in the bag.”
          When you read the rest of the story you will find out that Joseph did enjoy some Pay Back as it would be called today – but in the end (as Nick would say) Love Wins.   Did it make it any easier for Joseph to forgive – No – It is seldom Quick, Painless and for Joseph it was not…   He ended up in Tears several Times.
          In the end Joseph could look back and see GOD’s work and the Evil deeds of his brothers was turned into GOOD.   So in the end Joseph enjoyed Praising and Giving Thanks with his whole family…
           Today I was listening to Joel Osteen on the Radio and he was giving several Examples of what we should be giving Praise and Thanks Giving for – even when it is hard:   A Couple of them hit home:

  1.  We should be thankful for our Jobs – if they are New – Old or one of those Hard ones that we seem stuck in…
  2. Our favorite Neighbor who has that DOG that Barks REALLY loud and will not quit.
  3. Our Homes – Our Families:   We are all at different levels with our surroundings and relationships.

We need to focus on the Now and be thankful for How God is working through us…   Sometimes we do not see it until the end of our circumstances – but we must remember – God is at work.

So Today – Be Giving Thanks and Praise – Not Revenge.