Perhaps Today!

     I was thinking about what 2017 is going to look like for Christians…    and I believe it is going to be a year that Christians need to speak out.  Franklin Graham traveled to every state in the USA this year because he knew that it was extremely important for Christians to ENGAGE.   The enemy is strong and as my friend Chaplain BK said…   the opposition is organized, energized, and persistent in making sure that their view is: “The Main View that is present today”.    I have to tell you that it is not a view that I am going to like. 
 My wife shared her insight on what 2017 should look like for us and it came from a couple of books.  

  1. Tim Lahaye’s (Daily devotional):  “Perhaps Today”  “”Living every day in the light of Christ’s return”
  2. Max Lucado’s (Because of Bethlehem): “If you knew Jesus was coming tomorrow, what would you do today?  Then do it!  Live in such a way that you would not have to change your plans.”

      I am in agreement with her wisdom:   We need to be living as if Christ is coming tomorrow and we need to start speaking out.   Our Christian views should be “The Main View that is present today” and we need to not sit back and be quiet.  As Franklin Graham stated we need to start being engaged to get the Good News of Jesus Christ out as the main topic. 
So how does “Perhaps Today” look like for me personally? 

  1. Do I need to make Changes in my Daily Life?
  2. Do those around me see Jesus in Me?
  3. Do I need to speak out more on issues that I know are not Biblical?
  4. Do I need to be bolder in sharing Jesus with those around me?

I have several more questions for myself, but I can already see that I am still in need of being molded and transformed.   I cannot wait until 2017 comes in a few days from now, but I need to do as Max Lucado said:   “Then do it!    Starting today!!!!!

So as 2017 approaches for you – what are your questions to yourself about “Perhaps Today” do they look mine?

Remember what ever you come up with “Then do it!