Jesus Christ Superstar Musical..

I finally watched the Musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” last night – I cannot remember seeing it in the 70’s, I suppose I was one of those kids that their parents refused to let them watch it. After watching it I would have to say that I probably am not a big fan of it and one of the major reasons is that it was unfinished.   **No resurrection….
My wife helped me understand the impact that this musical had in the 70’s. This was during the hippie revolution and when the musical was played it started a Jesus Movement that was unexpected. Allot of the people who watched it wanted to know more about this Jesus and what He was about. The Jesus Freak movement started… By the way I enjoy being called a Jesus Freak even today.   So I am hoping that it has the same impact today.

          I was moved by a few parts of the Musical…

  1. Jesus was a person who loved people and when it came time to be crucified you could see the anguish that he went through as he went through the process of going to the cross. Very moving….. And through it all His major concern was doing the will of His Father.
  2. Peter’s response to denying Jesus 3 times showed what an impact it had on his feelings after he had done what was prophesied.  Very repentant afterwards.
  3. Mary Magdalene:   I did question what they were trying to show as a relationship between her and Jesus – But throughout the Musical she was trying to understand why her life had changed so much and what was this deep new feeling that was inside of her….
  4. Judas – I have heard but do not know that he was saved when he died. I enjoyed the fact that if he was saved, in the end he was worshiping Jesus in a powerful way. This was a new light on seeing the character of Judas.


So after watching this I had to ask myself.

  1. When I go through a major crisis in my life and through all the anguish: Do I make sure that I am in the will of God?
  2. As Peter I have blown it several times but am I repentant of what I have done and changed my life as Peter had done.
  3. Do I feel that change in my life and know where it is coming from? The Holy Spirit works in all of us in a powerful way.
  4. Am I worshiping God with the same passion as Judas did at the end of the Musical?