Making the STAND!

The year 2020 is a year I believe that we as Christians are going to be required to make a stand in what we believe. As you can see this year has not started out well. Wes Walton did a talk about taking the stand of a Cheyenne Dog Soldier that I believe is must in today’s world. Enjoy….

             In several of my last Blogs I have written about the need to make a Stand in what we believe.   I received an email from Promise Keepers and here is the only thing on the email (You clicked on it for a connection to a Web Site).

“The Battle Lines have been drawn

Boldly declare your Side.”

Promise Keepers them this year is:    Battle Lines…     I may have to buy the CD’s and listen to the speakers…
           This reminded me GMM’s very 1st Conference and the message that the main speaker Wes Walton brought was aGMMa 015bout the Cheyenne Dog Soldier.   He talked about the Role of a Dog Soldier:

Role: A dog soldier is a highly aggressive and effective combatant, staking themselves into the ground in order to protect their companions until their retreat or every last enemy is defeated. They will fight till their last breath and by any means necessary to protect their allies.

          Wes’s message was about:   Are we willing to place our stake in the Battle Field of winning souls for Jesus Christ until everyone has been saved?   Are we willing to give everything to protect our fellow Christians?    To take on this role of being Men for Christ: it is a life changing role and are we willing to put our Stake in the Ground?
I had to smile after the 2010 Conference – everyone had this saying of becoming a –    CDS   – it was a great motivator in going forward for the cause of Jesus Christ.
The theme of the 2010 Conference was   “How Big is Your God”   awesome way to start a ministry.   To take our Stand for Jesus Christ – we must understand how big our God is.    We must get into our Bibles and read the stories of the Men who put their stake in the ground and took that step of Faith.   (Read Hebrews 11).
This year has brought me back to my roots of why GMM was started – am I becoming that Cheyenne Dog Soldier and fighting the Battle that needs to be fought?     I know that I must make that “STAND” – now what does it look like for me?

 Now here is the question for you:

Are you willing to become a Cheyenne Dog Soldier?

Are you willing to make the STAND for Christ?

“The Battle Lines have been drawn

Boldly declare your Side.”