Jesus People!

I was listening to a song from Third day called “New Creation” and it talks about when you first become a Christian and knew the joy of Jesus.  It made me think about the excitement of knowing that there is a relationship that Jesus is longing to have with us. It took me a while to understand what that meant but when I finally understood about having a Relationship with Him – it was exciting and New. We need to have that daily…..   enjoy the song.

I have to tell you that when I was listening to this I was brushing my teeth and I could not help but sing along and dance (please do not try to visualize me doing this).   But it was a great song to sing along with….
Pastor Tom Powers is doing a series on Gifts and today’s was on the Gift of Service.   Pastor Tom was talking about the people of the church who have this gift and how they utilize it to lift up our Church. He made a list of Characteristics that someone with this gift would possess and he explained some examples of what he had seen at Calvary.   This made me think about “Jesus People” and if we utilized the excitement we had when we became a New Creation with the characteristics of the “Gift of Service” in our daily lives: How Awesome the world would be..
Here is the list Pastor Tom gave – please visualize you using them wherever God has placed you:

    1. Love to get their hands dirty/fix things/build things.
    2. Practical hands on things/knitting sewing/manual labor.
    3. Behind the scene things….Missions/disaster relief.
    4. Thrill to take care of things/don’t like credit or spot light.
    5. Often care more about serving others than yourself.
    6. Joy in watching ministry grow, things run smother.
    7. Eyes in tune to get things done/don’t wait to be told.
    8. Good planner (but it’s often all in your head, not paper)
    9. Encouraged knowing that God is using you in this way…

The challenge will be to look at each of these Characteristics and see how you can use them when you are at home/the store/exercising/with family/a restaurant/vacation etc…

Let’s become the Jesus people!

Let’s utilize the Excitement and Gifts Jesus has given us and share them with the people around us.