Hope Can Change Everything:

A very good friend of my (Pastor Jason) shared a saying with me from his dad that really has impacted me. (“You May be the only Bible that someone sees”).
During my travels recently K-Love has been playing this new song that was put together by several Artist.   The part of the song that I have highlighted below reminded me of this saying once again of what we could be to someone else.

We could be the Hope that someone needs…

Hope Can Change Everything: K-Love World Premiere – enjoy the song….
A spark can start a fire – A shot can start a war – A breeze can start a wave That crashes on the shore
Hope…hope can change everything
A breath can give you life – A hand can turn the page – A word can give you strength To face another day –                                                                  Hope…yeah hope
****Reaches in the heart – Of your darkest night – Lifts you off the ground – When you’ve lost the fight
Keeps you hanging on – Through the disbelief – Every day, every step, every dream

 Hope can change everything – Hope can change everything

     I could be the spark – You could be the word –  We could tell them somethingThat maybe they’ve never heard – Hope, yeah we could give it together  *****
Love is a cry of our hearts – To show them that hope isn’t far  ****
As you can see – we really need Hope to keep us going….  and it is a power weapon in our Daily lives that can move Mountains.
K-Love was also interviewing an Addict and he stated that what healed him was.  

  1. 1.       HOPE           2.  Prayer      3. Surrender 

 So just something to think about:   Do you have Hope in your life – are you helping others in getting the Gift of Hope in theirs if it is missing?