Head Stuff – Things that go bump inside of it and what does it mean?

In my travels this week all this stuff kept going through my head…  Passion – Obedience – Humility – Wisdom (Fear of the Lord) and I was struggling trying to come up with a Blog.  I was born and raised in a Christian home and when I went through a study called Experiencing God (at about the age of 38) it blew me away.  What is this thing about having a relationship with God – I was saved when I was 12….. but I found out there was more to it. 
      I just got a News Letter from a good Pastor Friend of mine (Velcro) and he wrote a section on “New Creation” –  this is what had been going bump through my head (article below).   With true passion comes the knowledge of where it comes from and then there is no holding it back.   But with that passion comes the desire to be Obedient – Humility and then the knowledge of Wisdom that only comes from the fear of the Lord (Proverbs)……  WOW 
               Bobby G.

 New Creation

                A friend of ours has been a Christian for a great many years, yet through those years, he was divorced several times and his children would seldom visit and he had no friends and even his co-workers didn’t really like him.
                 A few years ago, this Christian man suffered a very traumatic event. Since that day, he has built a great marriage with a wonderful lady and his children look forward to visits and he has friends everywhere he turns and his co-workers enjoy just being around him.
                  What happened? That’s the question his son asked me. My only answer was that he had yielded his life to God. His son responded with, “But he’s been a Christian since before I was born.” My reply was that there is a difference between saying “I am a Christian” and experiencing the life-changing reality of God Almighty.
                  Unfortunately, we too often tell people, “All you have to do is say this prayer …” and we don’t even realize we have missed the most important part of salvation – the heart. The change from “Old things are passed away” to “All things are made new (2 Corinthians 5:17) requires our hearts to change.
               Without the heart change, Christianity is just a bunch of “Do’s” and “Don’ts”. The “best Christians” are the ones who obey the most rules but they do not understand the reality of being a Christian.
                True Christianity is being obedient to God not because we have a list of rules but because there is nothing more important in the world than to please our God. Being a true Christian means loving others, all others, so much that when others hurt, you feel their pain. True Christianity is not about you, your wants, or your needs. True Christianity is about serving others.
Pastor Velcro    churchwithanattitude.com